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about us

Dr. Stephen Mncube is the main contributor to Devterms. His work in the area of information science goes back to the late 1970. He was asked by the late President Nelson Mandela to come back to the rainbow nation of South Africa to develop the information industry for children of tomorrow.
Devterms to truly understand and meet the development challenges facing the countries of Africa and, indeed any emerging economy, processes of fundamental social, political and economic transformation need to be introduced that take cognizance of the essential role of development in ICT formulation.
Devterms out of this concern is now strictly limited to African ICT environment. Instead of covering a wide spectrum of issues for researchers and other community of learners,
Devterms scope and magnitude is to be focused on ICT in the African environment.
Devterms looks at African ICT environment specifically in relation to the following themes:
• Humanity in quest for meaning in ICT solutions
• Technology and Change Violence associated with ICT
• Peace and nonviolence in ICT
• Creativity and Innovations in ICT
• Religion in ICT (Its use and mis-usage of ICT)
Devterms draws its inspiration from individuals, who touched my life and continue to be an inspiration in this borrowed time of my life.

Steve and Madiba
in memory of Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela 1918-2013

You looked at me once.

With your eyes of enlightenment
And wrinkles on your face
That have grown deep
Like the Limpopo river
I can still discern
The trials and tribulations you endured
In the killing grounds of Robben Island
Where you were confined
For nearly three score decade
Under the hands of the oppressor
Where nights are still
And days were long and dreary
Oh. How dreadful is dreary and stillness.

Yet with a smile in your face
You saw in me a soul seeking solace
Lost in the wilderness
Of Indian ancestral homelands
Now called America the beautiful.
In that very moment in time
You brought sanity in my heart
When you said come home
And join in building the rainbow nation
For children of tomorrow.

Your commanding words
To come home and build a nation
For children of tomorrow
Remain pristine fresh in my heart
As l plough my way around
In this new born rainbow nation
Everywhere l go l here
Ululation from ancestral places
Echoe through our rainbow nation
And make the past present and future life
Inextricably interwoven like a spider web,
Our nation has received a new baptism
From waters flowing from a rivulet of truth
That has washed away the sins of apartheid
To the doldrums of the inferno Of Sodom and Gomorrah
You Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, your face will remain
Sculptured in our minds and hearts forever
As we cultivate human excellence in all our life endeavours.
Wena uyinkwenkwezi (You are a star)
Devterm concept of information society implies universal access to information for all and aims to eliminate disparities between urban and rural, town and township communities in the use of information and communication technologies. African governments are by and large committed to improving their service delivery through the utilization of ICT.
Devterms appeals to self-directed learners to create awareness on the importance of ICT in providing usable information for development.

Devterms information is packaged in such a way that it is easily
accessable. friendly sensitive. flexible reliable. Neutral accountable. Broad range and efficiently.


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