sona 2016

intellectuals need to speak out

Against the disturbance that occured

During the state of the nation presentation

Last night.

 These disturbance that occurred last night

Started as a joke on the NKandla saga

by some political parties last year.

But what seeem to be an intervening variable

That needs to be attended to has now been escaleted

To a state of chaos that prevailed in  parliament last night.

Though South Africa is still at a teething stage

 Of its democracy, inteference with the state of the nation

Must be condemned with the contempt it deserves.

In  order to bring law and order during the state of the  nation address,

Parliamentarians must take lessons from the USA on to how to conduct

 the state of the nation address by the president.

 First the president is allowed to complete his address

Without interference from anybody attending the state of the nation address.

After  the president address than only a selected person from the opposition  parties may be allowed to voice their  reaction  to the president state of the nation.

 Parliamentarians should also bear in mind that the state of the Nation address is not only meant for them, but it is intended to give a summative evaluation of the state –of- the – Art  Activities that loomed high in our rainbow nation.

The nation as a whole has to watch and listen to it without interference and Parliamentarians can then come back and debate on issues raised at a later stage.

The State of the Nation is watched by the whole world and we can not afford to watch investors running away watching because of the valgar language used in

By parliamentarians.