Thank you Programme Director

Distinguished guests

And last but not least our graduate,

who happens to be our guest of honor

Ausi Galetlolwe Semenya

It is a great honor Ausi Galetlolwe for you to be counted as a graduate of Wits University.

This university contributed immensely in making Gauteng a golden City that is revered in many respect as a hub of scientific and technological innovation in the entire continent of Africa.


The same University has a proud history of producing graduates who played a significant role in the field of Engineering and other scientific disciplines of this rainbow nation.

Despite these great achievements by the above mentioned university, a lot can still be done to improve our rainbow nation in the following way:

Our Country can still utilize its wealth and achievements to reduce in great measure hunger, malnutrition, diseases and other physical impediments that curtail the growth and development of an individual to meet the challenges of a changing societal environment.

Equally important, our Country has unparalleled scientific and technical resources to become self-sufficient, if only ignorance, hostility, and aggression to each other can be minimized while maximizing human understanding and peacefull co-existence.

Lastly our Country has great potential in human resources which can be attained through sound education of all its citizens.

As a graduate, you can either adopt a passive approach and accept our Country’s situation as it is or a reactive approach that takes action as a humane change agent, or be forward looking and anticipate having the will to shape your own future destiny.

Your masters research entilted “Critical success factors for rail infrastructure in Public Private Partnership projects in South Africa” is timely and relevant to our present day societal needs.

Your project is valuable as it tries to minimize the tail of two cities, that puts emphasis on high income earners on one hand and low income earners on the other hand. Yet requiring greater dependency as passengers for the same means of transportation.

But before going further about throwing more accolades to you as our graduate; lets pause and address your parents Mme Mmakgomo and Ntate Ratshwane Semenya,

I Hope you have not forgotten

That heavenly moment

When you slept two

And woke up three

May be you were just playing“ne li bapala fela”

But the calabash people of the womb

Rewarded you with a wholesome baby

Who is graduating today.

I see the wrinkles in your face, Mme Mmakgoma and Ntate Ratshwane Semenya,

They depict the joy, the fear, the happiness

and sorrow you experienced in raising a child

who value education as a key

to a better future, and prosperity

today your hard work and perseverance is finally rewarded

You may join the late Brenda Fassie and sing

“Vulindlela unyana wami

U ya graduate namhlanje”

My child is graduating today

I also understand that in our midst ,there is a mosiac collectivity of individuals, who come from various organizations and parastatals like Transnet, Prasa and private companies, that are in the cutting edges of transforming our rainbow nation in transportation and infrastrcture development,

I humbly request you in this vital area of infrastructure development to take a close look at the impeccable credentials of our graduate Galetlolwe Semenya ,accumulated over a decade of hard work which range from;




Please remember the old Afro-American expression that a mind is a terrible thing to waist.

So let us raise our level of effort to keep Gale as busy as a bee in her area of prefence,

Before I conclude, allow me once again to reiterate the obvious to Galetlolwe,

Please let today be recorded as a page in your book of life, filled with accolades and admiration of your achievements in your academic life.

You have began a climb to the top of the mountain.

Soon you will discover how humbling is the academic life, especially when you realize your quest for knowledge only widens the horizon of the unknown escarpment.

I reckon Maya Angelo was referring to you

when she wrote this lovely poem that reads:

Now you understand just why my head is not bowed

I don’t shout or jump about

Or have to talk real loud

When you see me passing

It ought to make you proud

I say,

It’s in the click of heels,

The bend of my hair,

The palm of my hand,

The need of my care,

Coz I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s you Galetlolwe”.