I Follow the Eagle to where two rivers meet and sit the land with full moon above me tiding of hope and salvation fills my heart to the rainbow nation with problems as multitudinious as the autumn leaves (wase `mzansi) rendering the country unlovable yet the vision remains pristine fresh but solutions are over the bridge clarion call to bring up a fighting spirit and take a fresh look to nation building devoid of litany of policy utlerance and use the people latent power as life testimonial that says:

– Our nation as place where love of land becksons to be in perfect harmony with growth and development of indivudual cultural heritage long buried in the hinterland.

– Our nation that can utilize wealth and achievement to reduce in great measure hunger and malnutrition and other physical impediment that curtails a quest for meaning in life with a full stomach and roof over ones head.

– Our nation that can combat institutional racism that runs havocs in the play fields and work places at the level of people and organizations.

– Our nation with unparallel scientific and technical resource and knowledge to be made an oasis to cultivate a spirit of co-existance.

РOur nation material wealth and capitalism transcend the dignity and the need to share a locust head with other human beings to galvanize and tap people’s energy for social growth and development.

– Our nation crime and reward in prison where quality of life is better than living in fear driven country riddled with rape and merciless killing must be curtailed by armed forces.

– When this become a spirit of the nation unheralded people who gave their life will rise up and rejoice to honour a silent revolution whose little light will shine over the hills and valleys and usher in the Age of Enlightenment.