I greet you students

of our rainbow nation

you gallantly stood in harmony

to echoe your voice of reason

that says fees must fall

in universities across

the lengh and breath of our country

I salute you students

of our rainbow nation

for being self motivated

and self directed

community of learners

to tilt this pendulum of education

sucking the blood of your parents

under the umbrella of paying fees

for better tomorrow in education

while the rich remain richer

as it was during the ruling hegemony

of apartheid and its atrocities


I bow my head students

of our rainbow nation

for the courage without a sword in hand

to allow sanity to prevail in educational setting

and thwart political scavengers

who stand ready to derail your good intentions

by bringing chaos to your noble gesture

towards creating a healthy balance

in giving equal opportunity to all students

who want to make learning

the main orchestration of their life.


I kneel down on my knees students

of our rainbow nation

and hope that heaven will open

to make this myaophic world

make a blanket condemnation

of fees paid to private schools

in our rainbow nation


I honor you students

of our rainbow nation

for rekindling the determination

showed by students of yesterday

Who marched fearlessly

In the streets of Soweto and elsewhere

to demand equity in our education

and injected a new spirit in all

our liberation movements

to priorities education

in the struggle against the regime

that was reminiscent of nazi germany


I give you my support students

of the rainbow nation

to continue your struggle unabatedly

and follow the wise words of

Utatu Nelson Mandela, and Babu Sisulu

For their patience in bringing changes

in all spheres of life our struggle.

We who live in borrowed times

may not see the tail end of this journey

for free education of tertiary education


Once again my students

of the rainbow nation

I close my peronious peroration

by reiterating the wise words of the late

Doyen of African literature Eskia Mpahlele

By saying in his own words of encouragement:

a cultural human being

does what cells do

when your creativity

captures the inner harmony

and inner movement of life in its beauty

its strength, its sublime dignity of endurance,

its pilgrimage to the unknown

through the tiniest gates of reincarnation

we shall look in the corners and crevices

of our mind for love of life

and become artists with a penetrating eye

and look into the bygone days

for a generation of tomorrow”.

Dr. Stephen Mncube and Nkwame Toure, a Leader of  SNCC in the USA in the 1960’s.

nkwamme doreee