Sunrise at Vilankulu

Poem By Dr. Stephen Mncube


I rose up with the rising sun at Vilankulu

The sun rose across the sprawling waters

Of Indian Ocean in Magrika Island

That lights in the distance horizon of Vilankulu

I stood like a grotesque statue

As my eyes gazed at the rising sun

I could feel my soul illuminated

By the sun rays that pierced through

The clouds of Magrika Island.

It was at that very moment in time

I felt rekindled to the good old days

Of singing negro spiritual hymns like

“break bread together on my knees

With my soul to the rising sun

Oh Lord have mercy on me”

This sunrise at Vilankulu also filled

Me with the tidings and inspiration

To take each day of our creator

With abandon love bestowed upon us

Before passing like a breaking wave.

                                                                         By Dr. Stephen Mncube