Sunset in the Zambezi


zambezi sun set

The sun reflection turned golden red

zambezi sun set

In the waters of the mighty Zambezi

And painted the muddy waters with rich purple colour

with a touch of the rainbow and silver lining

To close the day that gave life it’s rhythmic beauty

the intercourse of sun rays brought pregnancy

to all living organism for tomorrows vitality.

When the sun went to its dwelling place,

the magnificent dark blue sky

Littered with  countless celestial stars

brightened the heavens above

with shining starsand glowing planets

and opened my heart into the wilderness of night

That shield the mysteries of creation

When my mind beckons for future

eternal life just like the sun set

across Zambezi took my soul

to the far fringes of universe

To witness the oracle of creation

when genesis was at its dawn

without seven days of creation

balkanized into silos of day and night

not understood by our myopic world

of creatures who want to comprehend

Creation in its supernatural sense