In my eye of remembrance

Only spring seasons

Remain pristine fresh

And loom above all seasons

In the youth of my life

And now in my turbulent times

Oscillate more in spring

And create a poem to celebrate

New fresh leaves sprout open

And flowers blossom in endless colours

We the children of spring

Can bathe in the rivulet of truth

And celebrate life as endabukweni

And let the power of creation

Bring fourth children of the future

To be an exonerable and incessant force

That will rekindle a renaissance

Bringing our sweet memory

(Izikhali zasamandulo

Abantsundu besesemakhaya

Kungekho ezi ziphithiphithi

Ezibonakalayo namhlanje)

Of the olden times for a joyous

moment of Remembrance