Near Redemption

The age of decadency

must remain asunder;

when I enter wilderness

of redemption liberation

and go where no single soul

has ever been for a heavenly cause,

and demystify all the myths

surrounding Heaven and Hell

to as state of oblivion except

In the cranium of abberrated

religious hooligans of this earth,

pharisees in Biblical terms;

who pollute our minds with lies

filling a bottom less pit;

Let the tyranny of time

and space be conquered

like a meteorite dashing to and fro,

In search for a place in the sky;

I too will use radiant force to enter

This myopic world as a mystic man,

transformed to a human change agent

that will teach mankind in this world play,

and learn to live for the love of life;

Till Bob Marley’s spirit take our heart and soul

In the pathway of Redemption.