Madiba A Person With The Eyes Of Enlightenment


eyes of enlightenment2

My life was steeply rooted

In Washington DC the Capital City
That everybody in the world
Wants a place to stay.
In DC I serviced over hundred
Nationalities in the Language lab.
You looked at me once.
The spark In your eyes
And the wrinkles in your face
That have grown deep
Like the Indian Ocean.

The trials and tribulations you endured
In the killing grounds of Robben Island
Where you were confined
For nearly three score decade
Under the hands of the oppressor
Where nights are still
And days are long and dreary
Oh! How dreadful is dreary and stillness.
Where prestine fresh in you.
Yet with a smile in your face
You saw in me a soul seeking solace
Lost in the wilderness
Of Indian Ancestral Homelands
Now called America The Beautiful.
In that very moment in time
You brought sanity in my heart
When you said come home
And join in building the rainbow nation
For children of tomorrow.