Letter from a dear friend Dr Steve Mokone aka “Kalamazoo”



Believe it or not, I was trying to empty my draw when I came upon your card and said to myself, I have to sent him an E-mail and surprise him, if he is still alive. I say alive, ’cause we are all coming to the end of our journey. What seemed so far away all of a sudden is within our horizon.  On march 23rd, I turn 80. Yes 80.

Can you believe that?  If you can’t imagine how I feel. I approach 80 with no regrets, because as we say here in the US “its been a great ride,” and for me it has been a real great ride, unplanned and yet fulfilled. If I have to relive my life knowing what I know now, I would change nothing. Who would have imagined that October 21, 1956, when I left the shores of that country, from what was then Jan Smuts Airport, my life would unfold as it has? Unscripted it was, but what a story it turned out to be, what a ride it has been. No regrets at all. Imagine, what kind of a kid who learned his football on the dusty location streets of what was then apartheid South Africa, would achieve, see his name on streets, football stadiums, have a movie made of his life story, win accolades worldwide, meet Royalty, the famous, travel to distant countries, countries I had read about in Geography classes in High School, go to universities and earn a B.Sc. MA. and two doctoral degrees (Ph.D), in Clinical Psychology and Political Science. Be awarded the country’s highest civilian honor, The Order of Inkhamanga in Gold,” by my country’s President Mbeki, who happens to be Black. Whoa! At times I have to pinch myself to belierve it is me.  But as our African proverb says, “Se sisa fele ke mhlolo.” That which has no end is a miracle. As i get closer to 80 on March 23rd, I am ready for another decade or two. How about you?  Spoke to Boji two weeks ago, he is doing fine but like all of us aging gracefully.

 Regards to you and the family.

 Dr. Steve Mokone, OIG

a/k/a “Kalamazoo.”