Farewell to 2011

Dear valued supporters,

It gives me great pleasure to have had you all join me on this journey this year. It marked many ups and downs. We lost great icons and saw many historical events that will go down in the History books for our children to learn about one day. This year Devterms received a fresh new look and a head writer. I actively contribute to the site on topics that are very dear to the causes that I support. I travelled extensively and returned with many experiences and photographs which I shall post on Devterms.

In the new year, I welcome new writers and children to submit their writing, poetry and art. We have grand plans for the website in 2012 and will look at new initiatives that will reach even more people. Thank you for your contributions this year and continued support. You are the reason that we love what we do at Devterms and we hope to serve you next year.

Have a safe and blessed  festive season. If you are travelling with your families please remember to keep a safe following distance and make frequent stops.

See you all in 2012!

Dr Stephen Mncube