Dr Steven Ncube writes about Rev. Lowery and the marriage he performed.

Rev Lowery Mariage performed

After many seasons l found myself

Serenading her to the alter
For matrimonial felicity
At the same old Methodist church
Where Dr Lowery had presided
For many rains ago
And was cofounder
Of the SCLC with the late Dr Martin Luther King

He recently prayed for President Obama
His opening remarks read like
So God of our weary years
God of our silent tears
Beneath thy hand may
We forever stand
And true to our native land

In my wedding ceremony

Rev. Lowery 02
Dr Lowery said
Let this marriage symbolise
A child from the deeper
Killing grounds of apartheid
Joining hand with a child
From the cotton field of Georgia
May this union show consanguine ties
Between the two world

was truly symbolic of a couple
Who in their blood flow a tribe of people
Who know rivers of the land
before the mayflower

Came to the shores of America the beautiful
And a people who bathed in the Limpopo
Before the white settlers
Usurped the land and rivers
And renamed them as they pleased
The last word of the wedding
Belonged to her mother
She simple said when you get tired of her
Just bring her back home
My daughter showed her love
You kept her waiting for long
All her sisters were in tears
When you showed up very very late
May our ancestors be with the two of you
In all your endeavours

After the rituals of thanking everybody
For the wedding
The greatest joy in my life
We packed the presents given to us
By so many well wishers
And off we went to Rochester, NY