sharpeville woman

All women are born beautiful as the sun rise;

and come in many earthly colours.

Some are chocolate brown

Others are yellow as the desert

Many are black and beautiful as midnight

while others are pale as the moon.

Sharpeville overflows with woman

of character endowed in African Spirit.

A soul seeking solace may find an answer

to deferred hopes and dreams of matrimony

Right here in the alley ways of Sharpeville.

Though time may


away like autunm leaves

No thinking human being in our blessed land

may be allowed to forget the Sharpeville massacre

And other killings that are helter skelter scattered everywhere

In our country as a result of twenty first of March nineteen sixty.

Our women readiness to die for a heavenly course

transcended Sharpeville women into mortal beings

And made women the vanguard in our liberation

against subjugation by the ruling hegemony of apartheid.

Through their gallant effort of marching alongside

their male comrades demonstrated their latent power

of courage and the heart and the will power

To serve and sacrifice and suffer for motherland.


Many women of yore, who died in Sharpeville that day

their blood flowed from broken veins and arteries

and their blood was washed away by torrential rains

into likwe the river of no return that meanders

to distance horizons of our native land,

where the oracle yabadimu and ancestors is hidden from all.


To the mother less children who were left behind in Sharpeville

to loiter in the dim wood of distress without a Mosel of bread

must echoe to the hearts and minds of current leaders

That our martyrs must resonate in all our endearment

Till the plight of women who died that day! Be cast in bold letters.

That acclaims womanhood to be humanhood and more

and are the main source of inspiration to gods eight day of creation.

As the tribe of Sharpeville women continue to embark

on procreation and increase and multiply our society.


Every time our flag is raised to celebrate

a brand new day in our country

We shall always remember Sharpeville women

time at the cross for our liberation of today

Let all the sons and daughters of our nation

acclaim them with sweet sounding words

of Margaret Walker that reads:

Let a beauty full of healing

and strength of final clenching

be the pulsing in our spirits and our blood.

Let the martial songs be written,

Let the dirges disappear,

Let a race of men and women

now rise and take control !


letta mbulu

Thank you to you sis Letta Mbulu Semenya for requesting me to jot down these few lines on behalf of the women in Sharpeville, who gave their life for the children of tomorrow. It was indeed a great honor for me coming from sis Letta who has weaved many songs that elevate the mind about our objective conditions in our rainbow nation to people around the world.