A Page In Mapungubwe



In my vein and artery
Runs blood of my ancestors
Who are long buried
In the hills and valleys
In this ancient kingdom
Popularly known as Mapungubwe
My heart seeks a deeper understanding
Of the mystery bestowed upon me

By my African ancestral spirit
The pathway that covers Mapungubwe
And other ancient sacred places
That include Enjelele at eKhezi Emaphisa
EMatopo Hills and Edwaleni likanana ePlumtree
Were our people visited
When clouds of sorrow gathered around
To bring hunger and draught
Through out the land

I went to the top of the hill
And looked across the lush green
Mupane and Baoboa trees
That stretches all the way
To Shashi and Limpopo rivers
As they journey to the hinterland
Of our ancestral village
My heart flowed like the river
Filled with the secret of life
That engulfed this valley
From time immemorial
Long before the invasion
Of our land by white settlers
Who like plesterene plunderers
Exposed the remains of our ancestors
To the naked sky and scorching sun
Without following the rituals
Of the people of yesterday.
Deep in my heart
My spirit was reincarnated
With the past glory and love
Of our people of yesterday
Who lived in harmony
With nature as in days of creation
When animals and people
Spoke the same language
And understood the rhythm
Of the rising sun that brings life
To animals and people alike
And the setting sun with all its splendour
As a soul seeking solace
I set alone on top of the hill
And imagined the stories told
Captured in the wrinkles of grannies
Who loitered in many corners and crevices
Mapungubwe when dawn was young
I hypnotize the tyranny of time
By walking in the past
And living in the present
To construct a heuristic picture
On Mapungubwe without turbulence
Of conquest and destruction to
This peacefull valley of Mapungubwe
The ruins of ancestral home
Lie exposed to the universe
As a reminder of people of iron
Whose energy and vigor
And the spirit of much adventure
Took them to the end of Limpopo
And across the mighty Indian Ocean
To batter with people in Asian world
For portals and ornaments whose value
Can never be measured in our time
Mapungubwe is a revelation
Of yesterday people power
To infuse culture of mankind
Without pain and sorrow
Their aim and aspiration
Of sharing the universe with
Love and affection went beyond
The hills and valley of this
Blessed land of Mapungubwe
Our ancestors had the inner working
Of the art of creation closely
Woven in their heart like a spider web
They alone knew when the descriptive
Laws of nature caused floods
Of Shashi and Limpopo rivers
And covered the rift valley
It is no wonder the citedal of power
In Mapunwubwe remains prestine fresh
Despite all the years that went by
Children with penetrating eye
Will always remember Mapungubwe
As the land a fruit of eternity
Ideologies will wither away
With the clicking clock of time
Civilisation will dwindle to dust
Like meteorite hurriedly passing
From nowhere to somewhere not here
But here at the hilltop of Mapungubwe
The spirit of ancestors will always prevail.