President Jacob Zuma congratulates class of 2011

President Jacob Zuma wishes to congratulate all the matriculants who sat for their National Senior Certificates examinations in 2011 and has hailed the ascending pass rate as a step in the right direction. President Jacob Zuma would like to further give special acknowledgment to those who demonstrated outstanding performance in various subjects last year.

A total of 496 090 sat for their examinations in 2011, with 348 117 passing their matric, which translates to a 70.2% pass rate, a marked improvement from last year’s 67.8%.

The President has been further pleased by a steady rise in the pass rate in the National Curriculum in the past four years, namely 62.6% in 2008; a slight decline of 60.6% in 2009, which picked up remarkably in 2010 to reach 67.8% and now 70.2% achieved by the Class of 2011.

“We would also like to draw special attention to those matriculants who, even though faced with adverse learning conditions performed exceptionally well. You have demonstrated not only to your peers but to the rest of the country that your circumstances do not determine what you can and cannot do. We wish you well in your future plans,” said President Zuma.

The President further congratulated the Department of Basic Education for the improvement in the results, and commended particularly parents and teachers who committed huge efforts towards the success of the 2011 class. “At the same time,” he said, “we especially feel the pain and frustrations of those who did not make it, and wish them well in their second attempts. They should not feel despondent nor discouraged and should rather use this setback as an opportunity to reflect and improve,” President Zuma said.

With acknowledgements and released on behalf of the Presidency on 4 January 2012

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