Hands up 4 Education

About Hands Up 4 Education

“Hands Up 4 Education” is the Department of Basic Education’s campaign that seeks to mobilize and encourage all South Africans to put their hands up in support of education.

Education is indeed a societal issue, one that is shared and supported by all South Africans. In raising our hands in support of education, South Africans are making a symbolic statement that highlights our practical support of learners, teachers and schools.

This support may take the form of:

  • Providing computer and Internet access to a learner or parent who doesn’t have such resources
  • Buying a pair of school shoes for a needy learner
  • Volunteering one’s skills to a local school
  • Declaring study hours in neighbourhood streets
  • Starting a food garden at your local school
  • Start an after school homework class
  • Coach or assist sport and cultural teams at your local school
  • Assist teachers and learners with the upkeep of the school property
  • Donate learning and extramural resources
Together we can do more!

The Department of Basic Education places significant value on the strategic partnership with business communities.

This belief is entrenched in the understanding that successful economies the world over are characterised by the strong and strategic nature of the engagement between the public and private sector. It is in the best interest of both Government and business to ensure that very high quality of basic education is being achieved in our schools.

How can business support the ‘Hands up 4 Education’ campaign?

  • You can support by means of assisting with: • physical infrastructure • curriculum support • teacher development • school sport and nutrition.
  • You may also choose to adopt an entire school by supporting all of the above.
  • There is also a need for your time, skills and expertise. Whether you assist a school with its accounts and bookkeeping or offer management and leadership training to the school management or SGB’s.
  • Mentor learners and expose them to different career opportunities

For more information on how business can support, please contact:

Mr. Louis Taylor
Directorate: Social Inclusion and Mass Mobilisation in Education
Tel: +27 12 357 3364
Fax: +27 12 323 4803
Email: taylor.l@dbe.gov.za or handsup4education@dbe.gov.za

Come on South Africa! Let’s help the future generation.