Eco Energy

The different concepts of Eco energy:
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Energy

FAQs What is wind energy?
Wind energy is energy that has been transformed into energy. Instruments like Wind Turbine can produce a large amounts of energy without using conventional methods to access electricity.

Which are other forms of energy?
Bio energy is a ground breaking method which ultimately uses natural resources to create re useable energy. Burning wood to heat or cook is one of the least efficient ways to use bio energy .

How would we use solar energy?
As we should know solar energy is basically energy which comes from the sun and is converted into re useable energy using instruments like the solar panel

Other uses for solar energy are as follows:
Solar geysers, make hot water from the suns UV rays.
Solar power without battery storage.

Why is hydro energy important?
Of the renewable energy resources that generate electricity , hydro power is the most of ten used . Hydro power is widely regarded as the ideal fuel for electricity generation because it is almost free, there are no waste products to harm the environment.

Summary Eco energy is definitely one of the aspects of the future that needs to be carefully utilised as it will help millions of people with out electricity particularly in the rural areas.

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