Steve Mncube on Farming Development

There is wealth of information that covers indigenous knowledge in stories of violent confrontation in African tribes that were scattered through out Africa . The most significance is that of Shaka the Zulu and Moshoeshoe . The two kings show a contrasting style of dealing with violence . Shaka on one hand used violent usurpation of land and conquest while Moshoeshoe only applied violence in self defence of his mountain kingdom. Despite the different approaches of applying violence one can safely say people were not made to become poor due to violent confrontation . Instead the outcome of violence in both cases resulted in a nation building exercise . When all is said about indigenous knowledge Eskin Mphahlele put it in a more excellent way when he said. What would be the point of moaning about our traditional culture , much of which has been knocked about as a result of military conquest economic and industrial activity , the migrant labour system which destroys communal and family life the removal of whole communities from place to place by government decree, the conscious efforts of old fashioned missionaries , etc? To fight a rearguard action by trying to receive pure traditional culture among large populations in urban townships on white peoples farms , in impoverished rural areas as an effort to break down the present structures would be unrealistic.

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