Children of Somalia



This should never happen! It pains me to see any child suffer. How can we allow babies to die in Africa? Some parents fleeing conflict and famine in Somalia are abandoning their babies after arriving at the vast refugee complex at Dadaab, Kenya One can only imagine the levels of desperation driving parents to abandon tiny babies in this way.

There are already 3.2 million people on the brink of starvation in Somalia. They are among the 12.4 million people across the wider region, encompassing Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia, who are in need of food and humanitarian assistance owing to the effects of the worst drought in decades.
The United Nations declared that USD1 billion is needed to aid the crisis in Somalia yet international communities have raised not even half that amount. South African military aircraft will deliver 18 tons of supplies to famine victims in Somalia this week. This is a small gesture from South Africa but should be a leading example to more economically established nations to aid the crisis in Africa.
The United Nations should set up a crisis help-desk and raise funds globally to aid the crisis. Call your local UN office to see how you can assist.
For South Africa, text the word FOOD to this number: 38727 to donate R10.

No person can sit back and watch a baby starve to death. Every cent counts and every cent helps.
I implore you to make a difference today.

Dr Steve Mncube


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