A look at Psychology

The use of violence in psychological terms is a manifestation of a deep underlying dysfunction. People who are prone to violent outburst have often not developed adaptive ways of coping. Their lack of coping and communication skills manifests itself in violence. Violence becomes a mechanism to force one’s point of view; or to force others to take the violent person seriously. In this sense violence is not cause but a symptom of some deep seated problem. Manifestation of violence actually can be seen as a “cry for help”. Underlying violent behaviour is failure to recognise and accord others their right to human dignity as violence is a violation of this right.

The rate of technological development is such that society socialise and educates its young one’s for an unknown future and yet no where is the issue of managing change covered in the curriculum. Parents are themselves caught up in a whirlwind of changes which leaves them no room to anticipate the future. The biggest lesson we can all learn is that of being open to change, and looking forward to new learning by seizing every opportunity to learn from one another, maintaining a healthy degree of curiosity about the world and people around us.

The land is the fruit of eternity ideologies will wither away with the clicking clock of time. Civilization will dwindle to dust like a meteorite hurriedly passing from no where to somewhere not here. Pyramid constant like gravity itself will break down into desert sand. Living tombs of pharoes covered only by the umbrella of the sky itself . Future will be interwoven with the past, the land will remain the fruit of eternity and the custodian of philosophers,scientists and poets whose fame and glory has broaden the horizon of knowledge to the universe itself.

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