Devterms to truly understand and meet the development challenges facing the countries of Africa and, indeed any emerging economy, processes of fundamental social, political and economic transformation need to be introduced that take cognizance of the essential role of development in ICT formulation.

Devterms out of this concern is now strictly limited to African ICT environment. Instead of covering a wide spectrum of issues for researchers and other community of learners,

Devterms scope and magnitude is to be focused on ICT in the African environment.

Devterms looks at African ICT environment specifically in relation to the following themes:

  • Humanity in quest for meaning in ICT solutions
  • Technology and Change Violence associated with ICT
  • Peace and nonviolence in ICT • Creativity and Innovations in ICT
  • Religion in ICT (Its use and mis-usage of ICT)

Devterms draws its inspiration from individuals, who touched my life and continue to be an inspiration in this borrowed time of my life.


“All the children of Benedict are my children. They all made a contribution to our struggle.”



“Stephen, thanks for knowing you all this long; thanks for your intellect; thanks for who you are – always”



In 1959 I met Professor Mangaliso Sobukwe at Wits University Great Hall steps. This was my first orientation to Pan African ideology.